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Fairfield Manufacturing
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National Tank Truck Carriers


Society of Broadcast Engineers

National Tank Truck Carriers


1. The client is involved from the beginning, identifying needs and program topic - content to be considered.

2. The client's Design Committee has sole authority to make "go/no-go" decisions at critical stages in the total process.

3. Program content "fits" the user organization, its needs, and addresses real problems of the team being trained.

4. Program content is "realistic and relevant" to participants and is more readily accepted by them.

5. Interactive instruction techniques attract and hold participant interest.

6. Dealing with real problems, there is much greater chance of developing viable solutions through team interaction in the program classes.

7. Needs-based, real problem-oriented program content and discussion typically yield higher levels of post-program retention and duration of retention.

8. Program participants will gain a deeper and better understanding of themselves and an appreciation for their peers, subordinates and superiors as colleagues working for the same or similar goals.

9. Needs-based, interactive instruction tends to foster deeper individual commitment, by participants, to the organization.

10. Regardless of the duration of relationship with VanTech Training, each completed programs stands alone, forming the basis for go/no-go decision regarding future offerings


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